The Bangor Linguist

The Bangor Linguist is a bilingual magazine authored and edited by members of the BLS and students in the Bangor Linguistics department. Each issue carries a number of articles reporting news of interest to linguists in and beyond the department and on events around Bangor Linguistics Society. Some satirical linguistics, crosswords and other lighthearted material is also regularly featured.

The magazine is published twice per academic year (once per semester), and automatically distributed in electronic form, both in Welsh and English, to every student and member of staff in the Linguistics department at Bangor University. Printed copies are also lying out around the BLS Office.

If you’d like to get involved in the magazine (there are a number of roles, from writing articles to proofreading or even copy editing), just email us at and we’ll invite you along to the next editorial meeting. We also welcome article submissions to the same email address.

Current Issue

Volume 4, Issue 2 (April 2014)

Volume 1, Academic Year 2011/2012

Complete Volume: English / Welsh

Issue 1 (November 2011): English / Welsh

Issue 2 (January 2012): English / Welsh

Issue 3 (March 2012): English / Welsh

Issue 4 (June 2012): English / Welsh

Volume 2, Academic Year 2012/2013

Issue 1 (December 2012) English

Volume 3, Academic Year 2013/2014

Issue 1 (November 2013) English

Issue 2 (April 2014) English / Welsh

Volume 4, Academic Year 2014/2015

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