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The Linguistics Circle is a research talk series that includes speakers from within and outside Bangor University. The talks are open to all members of Bangor University and to the public in general. Everyone is welcome!


Semester 2, 2015

March 4th – Dr Anoushka Foltz (Bangor University). Listening to the Tune: Sentence-level prosody in acquisition.

March 18th – Dr Marco Tamburelli (Bangor University). Second Class Languages and the Illusion of Monolingualism in Europe.

April 15 – Dr Cecile Barbet (Bangor University). Logical or pragmatic? Investigating the inter-individual differences in scalar inferences processing.

April 29th – Dr Robyn Orfitelli (University of Sheffield). The emergence of the passive voice in language development.

Linguistics Blogs

Here is a list of Blogs and News Websites related to Linguistics and/or English Language, which we think might be interesting for you. If you know of any other sites that you think we should list here, please send us an e-mail or tell us in person and we’ll be happy to add them here.

David Crystal Blog – David Crystal’s blog, Honorary Professor here at Bangor University. Mainly concerned with English Language.

Language Log – Collaborative blog from several linguists. Addresses wideraning issues in Linguistics.

Life as a Bilingual – A blog addressing many issues that surround Bilingualism, mainly from a Psychological perspective.

thesociallinguist – The blog of Robert Lawson, sociolinguist at Birmingham City University.

Linguist List – Probably the most well-known resource for aspiring and incumbent linguists, this is a mailing list with all things linguistics from job listings to book reviews.

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